Help Screen

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The DIVA Help Screen:

Help ScreenThe Help Screen will bring up this help file.  There are several elements of the screen of importance.  In this screen, you can navigate back and forth through the various help file pages, as well as jump to specific topics.

 The Help Topic Drop Down Box:

Help Drop DownThe Help Topic drop down contains all of the major help topics in the DIVA help file.  Click on this bar, and the full list will appear:


Help MenuSimply choose a topic from the list and it will load up…

Navigation Buttons:

Help NavigationFull Help ButtonsThe Help navigation buttons are at the top of the screen… The house button is the Home button, the Left Arrow is the Back button, the Right Arrow button is the Forward button and the vertical ellipsis is the Menu button.  On wider screens and tablets, the Forward button will show (see shot on the left), but when the screen is less wide, the Forward command will be moved to the drop-down menu as shown in the next illustration.

Help MenuTo move between pages you’ve visited, click the Back button to go backwards and the Forward button (or Forward menu option by clicking on the Menu button as shown in the screenshot) to move forward if you’ve gone backwards.

The DIVA browser has a limit of 100 page visits in a single session.  Links clicked on the actual web pages will not be logged or included in the Help screen navigation.

Top of Page Button:

Top Of Page ButtonWhen you’re towards the bottom of one of the site Help pages, and want to return to the top, just click the Top of Page button shown at the left!