Backup & Restore

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Backing Up and Restoring Your DIVA Data:

As with any other computer program, backing up your data is important.  There may be a situation where you’ve made some drastic changes to your data files, and want to revert to your last set.  You do both of these functions from the Utilities screen.

Backup ButtonClick the BACKUP DATA button on the Utilities screen to create a backup of your data files.  The backup will include both the text you’ve saved for Goals and Affirmations as well as all of your settings, but will also backup all of the photographs that were included with your Goals.

When you click the backup button, the operation is silent and fast.  Please be aware that this operation wipes out the previous backup including all backed up photos, and then replaces all the data with a copy of the current data and photographs.  The only notification you’ll get after this operation is a quick on-screen message that your files have been backed up.

Restore ButtonWhen you choose to restore your system by clicking on the RESTORE DATA button in the Utilities screen, you will receive a double confirmation.  This operation completely overwrites your current data with the data contained int eh backup.  This means that anything that you might have added since the backup, including photos, will be wiped out of the program’s data set, and replaced by the set of older backup files.

When you click RESTORE DATA, you’ll first be asked if this is what you want to do.  If you say No, you’ll be returned to the Utilities screen.  If you choose Yes, you’ll be asked once more for final confirmation.