FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about DIVA

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Q:  Is there any limit to the number of DIVA Goals and Affirmations I can store?

A:  Data storage is limited by the device.  Goals consume more space than Affirmations, primarily because they can include pictures, which are copied to the DIVA data folder and are separate from the original images.  That way, if you delete a photo from your device’s Gallery, it’s still saved with DIVA.  DIVA data is saved internally on the device, and presently, doesn’t store data on the SD card if installed.

The best way to keep DIVA lean is to get rid of Goals or Affirmations you no longer need by deleting them!

Q:  There are a lot of confirmation messages in the app.  Is there anyway to eliminate those?

A:  There’s a lot going on in DIVA, and we wanted to make sure that you get used to navigating around the program without making unwanted mistakes.  Consequently, we put in a lot of confirmation dialog boxes.  However, getting rid of the majority of those is a breeze!  Just go into Preferences, either from the Main Screen or the Utilities Screen, and turn ON the Disable Simple Messages checkbox on the General Preferences tab.

While highly important messages will not be suppressed, most messages will be bypassed.  You WILL notice that the app is speedier, and that on the Goals Add or Edit screens, you’ll have more room to enter your goal because the visible instructions about the Photo Panel become hidden as well.

Q:  I’m getting an error.  What should I do?

A:  The best thing would be to file a Bug/Suggestion form, so we can catalog what’s happening and help you out.  You can file that report from this site by clicking here, or through the app which will bring you to the site’s form automatically.

Q:  I restored DIVA from an internal backup, but it’s not what I wanted… some of my things are missing.  Is there anything I can do?

A:  No.  Once you restore a backup of your data, it deletes all of the existing information and replaces it with the backup information.  This includes any pictures saved with your goals.


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