About Us

The goal at TwoDogApps is to create Android apps which help you live a better, more fulfilling, successful life.  Each of the apps we’ll produce will help make your life more pleasurable and rewarding.

The cornerstone and first of these apps is DIVA, a Goals and Affirmations system.   Presently, the program is only available for Android devices.  DIVA is a proven, well-known method of reaching set goals through repetition and Affirmations.

So, why TwoDogApps?  The founder had two amazing dogs.  They’ve both passed, but were both always inspirational for him.  Their physical beings may have moved on, but their spirit is alive.  They always got the best from their lives, and enjoyed almost every minute of them.  Their story will be published someday, and it’s availability will be announced here on TwoDogApps!