DIVA App Privacy Statement

This document applies ONLY to the TwoDogApps DIVA Android app.

At the outset, let us say that your privacy is of our utmost concern. In the DIVA app, there is nothing that gets shared, period.  With the exception of the optional registration (see more info on the registration below), the app itself does NOT send anything back to TwoDogApps or any other entity and you, the user, have full control of your data.

Information Gathering and Usage:

This is very simple.  We don’t do it.  DIVA is for you to use for your own personal advancement.  Whatever you put into the DIVA app is yours, and you will be the only one to see it (unless you foolishly allow others access to your device).  What happens in DIVA stays in DIVA!

Your Data:

Again, this is very simple.  It’s yours, we don’t want it, it doesn’t get transmitted, and consequently NEVER gets shared.

App Permissions:

The app uses only some of the many capabilities of your device.  These permissions, and why they’re used, are listed below:

  1. Photos/Media/Files – The app allows you to add YOUR photos, either from the camera or from your library.  This is only for YOUR use.  Nothing gets transmitted.
  2. Storage – The app uses your phone’s storage to save and access the Goals and Affirmations you create.  Nothing gets transmitted to any server, and nothing is shared.
  3. Camera – DIVA allows you to take photos directly from the app to add to your Goals (Affirmations have no graphics).  Nothing gets transmitted from your device, and only you can access the info.
  4. Other: Manage Document Storage – DIVA saves Goals, with their corresponding graphics, and Affirmations to your device’s memory.  You can add AND delete items.  So YOU are managing your DIVA document storage, but the app cannot do these things without access to managing document storage.
  5. Other: Full Network Access – All of the DIVA help files, which are fairly big and graphical, are stored on our website, and in order for you to access the help files, you have to be able to have network access.
  6. Other: Run at Startup – DIVA allows you to set up many notifications and alerts.  In order to do that, we run a small service at startup, just as your Calendar or ToDo list would do.  Even if you’re not running the actual app, the service runs to watch the clock so that it can alert you to alarms YOU have set.
  7. Other: Control Vibration – When you get an alert from DIVA, it also vibrates the device.
  8. Other: Prevent the Device from Sleeping – Without this, the alerts would never work.  The device has to be watching the clock, so to speak, to trigger the alerts YOU have set for your Goals and Affirmations.

In the current version of DIVA, there are no more permissions.


Again, this is very simple.  We don’t use cookies.  ALL of the data DIVA uses is contained within the app on your device.

Ad Servers:

We don’t have ads in DIVA… We don’t like them and we doubt you love them either!  There is NO communication with an outside server.  If you want to see ads, DIVA isn’t for you!

DIVA Registration:

Registering your DIVA app is totally optional, and you can easily skip the registration. If you register, we save minimal registration data for our records and in case we have to issue some alert along the way.  To date, not a single email has been sent to any registrant other than support responses (support ticket forms are located on our site and accessible from the app), and no data has ever been shared.  Even if you skip the registration and don’t provide your name and email address, we do get minimal device information to try to get a good indication of the platforms our users use, and we do this ONLY to make sure that all features we include int he app work on all the devices our users have!

If you choose to register DIVA, we transmit ONLY the following information:

The following registration information has been received:

User Name: Your Name

E-Mail Addr: YourEmail@YourServer.XXX

Phone Maker: samsung
Phone Model: SM-N900T
Phone SDK : 19

If you choose NOT to register DIVA, the app transmits ONLY the following information:

The following registration information has been received:

Skip Was Pressed

Phone Maker: Amazon
Phone Model: KFTHWI
Phone SDK : 19

The above is the ONLY info that ever gets transmitted to TwoDogApps!

This information will be updated if anything changes.  This statement is current as of January 4th, 2017.

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