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DIVA IconDIVA Product Information:

DIVA is a multi-use app, written for Android devices.  It tracks two things… Goals and Affirmations.  Goals are things you want to achieve, acquire or attain.  Affirmations are positive statements that are your incentives to do things better.

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DIVA doesn’t send any information from your device to our servers, or any other external system, nor do we do any customer tracking.  The only information we DO collect is the initial optional registration.

Brief History:

Based upon the teachings of Andrew Carnegie and the beliefs of many, many successful people, DIVA helps you focus on things in your life you want to attain and accomplish.  Carnegie’s base concept is that without goals, you have nothing.  If you want to attain something, it has to be your main focus, and all of your energy has to be directed to achieving those goals.  Goals and affirmations can be used for both your personal life, as well as for your professional life.

Goals vs. Affirmations:DIVA Main Screen

Goals are targets, things you want to attain.  Affirmations are statements that help you along the way to attain the goals you’ve set for yourself.  For example, a personal goal would be “I want to own the house at the corner of Elm Street and Main by the end of the year.”  An example of an affirmation would be “I will put away and save ten dollars every day.”  The affirmation will help you attain the goal by building up a down payment for that home.  After a year, if you follow the affirmation, you’d have put away $3,650, in some places, enough for the down payment on that home at the corner of Elm & Main!

The Concept Behind Repetition:

Out of sight, out of mind.  Our daily lives are so busy… Work, school, kids, friends, bills… they all keep us going at a frenetic pace.  It’s so easy to get side-tracked.  With DIVA, your Goals and Affirmations are kept in the forefront, where they belong.  By reminding yourself of the things you want to attain and achieve, those desires won’t get lost in the daily shuffle.  Each Goal allows you to associate a picture with the desire.  The more you see it, and hear it, the more you’ll be driven to achieve it.  Affirmations are more supportive.  You use Affirmations to make yourself a better person, and a person more likely to achieve your Goals.

Try It!  The System Works:

Start with easily attainable Goals.  If your Goals are out-of-range in the short term, you’ll struggle with them.  Goals can be simple things like finishing a project or task, as well as attaining life-changing items like houses and cars.  If you start out with reasonable, attainable Goals, you’ll find as you use the system that bigger, more lofty Goals are also attainable!